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Vomijet MD4 Tablet / Syrup

Ondansetron 4 mg (Mouth Dissolving)

For emesis Control... When required

  • Potent antiemetic agent.
  • Reduces vomiting and facilitates oral rehydration in gastro-enteritis. New Eng.Journ.Of. Med.;354(16),1698-1705.
  • Safe and effective even when used in children.
  • Lacks sedative, dysphoric and extrapyramidal symptoms associated with Droperidol & Metoclopramide.
  • More effective for preventing PONV, for improving patient satisfaction when administered at the completion of surgery.

Post Operative Nausea & Vomiting, Radiotherapy Treatment Induced Nausea & Vomiting

Also Available Vomijet (Ondansetron Drop 2 mg / 5 ml)

Complete Control Over Nausea And Vomiting