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Mycal-CT Tablet

Calcium citrate meleate EQ to element calcium:500 mg + Calcitriol:0.25 mcg + Methylcobalmin:1500 mcg + Zinc:7.5 mg + Magnesium:50 mg + L methyl folate:1 mg + Vit k2 : 45 mg + Vit D200 IU

Secure Strong Structural Strength

  • Provide Significantly better absorption of calcium then from calcium carbonate & milk.
  • Protects against renal stone forming potential.
  • Increase osteoblastic activity of bone formation by vitamin K2.
  • Improve bone mineralization and bone mineral density by calcium magnesium & methehylcodalamin.

Mycal CT Preferential choice for

Post menopausal osteoporosis, Drug induced osteoporosis, Osteomalasica, Fracture syndrome, Osteoarthritis

Ensure Re modeling of Bones